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Re: [MiNT] new ircII and Pine

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Frank Naumann wrote:

> Hello!
> > > ..../sparemint/RPMS/m68kmint/pine-4.10-4.m68kmint.rpm
> > 
> > That is a rather old version; the current one is 4.21.  
> Interesting, will take a look on the current pine version.
> > Anyhow, as I previously reported twice, the binary in that RPM
> > archive fails with a bus error.
> You are the only person who reported such an error. I don't know what's
> wrong for you as for all other persons it work fine. I think it's
> something similiar with your "Thing" problems ...

Talking about PINE, (I didn't try 4.10 rpm) I don't think I have ever
tried any version which worked with pilot correctly when calling the

Attach, CTRL J, then CTRL T (or something like that), boom crash. This
happened with all port. I believe this is directly related to the fact
that i don't have an FPU. (like calling a file selector would, or even
PINE in general, would benefit from FPU). But none of the people using
same version BUT with fpu worked, also when I had an fpu (for 10 min), I
tried and it worked.
Yet many people told me, that it most unlikely that it was a problem
related to FPU.

Anyway my question is:  is there any version of pine > 3.96 that fully
works?  that is: pilot, attaching files and GETTING files without being
corrupted? and all that with NO FPU fitted in.
Thank you.