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Re: [MiNT] Remapping keyboard

> Actually, I was trying to get Michael and Petr's attention, I don't think they
> read c.s.a.s. ATM.

no I don't.

> >  JES> Only up to TOS 2.06.
> > I would say up to TOS 4.x; the following doesn't work on my TOS 3.06Hades:

this is because TOS [2|3].06 has been released in 1991, IIRC, while the
remark in TOS source code said "new as of 5/92".

In Clocky, I originally compared system date (the date when system was
released) with "5/92" but later I switched to simple "TOSversion < 4.0"
because I was afraid MagiC could have a newer system date and might not
support that.

> I got the same result on 4.04. I didn't test under plain TOS though, but that
> shouldn't matter, should it?

as I said in previous mail, the Alt key tables work just fine on TOS 4.04. 

What I forget to say is that I haven't released Clocky 3.0 yet. Time to do
that I guess.