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[MiNT] kernel 1.15.8

Hi frank and others.

This is what I have noticed with this kernel.
hardware: ct2

If having newfatfs, vfat = A drive (which in this version might be totally
ignored anyway, i didn't test that yet). and NO floppy inserted in the
drive, it will take FOR EVER to boot. like it is trying to access the
floppy in the background but doesn't find one. As soon as I insert a
floppy, it will go fast again.

Since beta 6 or 7 (don't remember), mint kernel doesn't check for PMMU
cookie anymore, that is: I always called mint030.prg and let the kernel
see that the ct2 already used the PMMU cookie, hence switching to NO

Other than that, so far it seems to work (I had to disable the version of
SPIN I have, so no CDROM).

That's all. More report soon I guess :)