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Re: [MiNT] last?

Sorry for the weird message just now, I meant to cancel it but it seems I
pressed ctrl+x instead of ctrl+c :-)

> I noticed that "last" isn't working properly.  More to the point, "last"
> works, but doesn't report any recent logins (i.e. since I installed MiNT),
> leading me to believe that login isn't updating /etc/utmp.

Again something I should check out at home (which is why I decided to
cancel typing in the first place, but here we go) :) but I can think of
two things:

1. Shouldn't utmp be in /var or /var/tmp/ or something similar? :)
2. There is also a wtmp. Try if that helps. :)

> is there a setting you can toggle for login to turn on logging?

Nope, the only way of switching it on or off is by creating or removing
the tmp files.