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Re: [MiNT] BogoMips

on Wed 10-10-2001 17:35 Francois Le_Coat/mailaxis wrote:

>Hi Frank,
>Frank Naumann wrote:
>> /kern or u:\kern is a kernel builtin.
>Well I will try this. I never heard about it before ...

That's what /kern/cpuinfo says:

CPU, MMU, FPU: 68060
Clockspeed: 58 MHz
BogoMIPS: 117.15

Mind you I'm using setMMU and not hades_b5.acc.

With Hades_b5.acc I get a complet different result which comes very close 
to what you get.

CPU, MMU, FPU: 68060
Clockspeed: 2 MHz
BogoMIPS: 4,88

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