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[MiNT] ext2fs and TOS domain


When used in TOS domain (Pdomain(0)), minixfs and fatfs are both case
insensitive and return uppercase filenames (with Fsfirst() and
Fsnext()). On the opposite, ext2fs is case sensitive (trying to open
"FOO.RSC" won't open "foo.rsc") and returns filenames with case

This lead to problems with old applications. Depending on the way they
are written, one has to change the RSC filename to uppercase or
lowercase, for example.

I know at least two newbies who switch back to minixfs because of this.
So I think it is worth correcting this.

Anyway, before I attempt anything, some questions :
- Do someone see any good reason for ext2fs to react differently from
minixfs in TOS domain ?
- Is there somebody already working on this ?
- Do someone who knows ext2.xfs better than me want to correct this ?


Xavier Joubert