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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.12 is memory hungry

on Tue 16-10-2001 17:58 Edward S. Baiz Jr wrote:

>> on Mon 15-10-2001 17:39 Edward S. Baiz Jr wrote:

>> It's certainly not the kernel fault. Do you use setmmu? If so have you
>> split the RAM in ST- and TT-RAM? If so are you sure the app you use runs
>> in TT-RAM?
>> CU
>> Martin
>Yes, I am using the split ram under setmmu. I usually get those messages when I
>try to run Edith.. I do not know why yet..

That's because your Edith version doesn't use TT-RAM. You must enable 
the 'load alt' (load in TT-RAM) and 'Malloc alt' (Malloc in TT-RAM) 
program flags. Both Thing and Jinnee are able to change these flags. 
Select editress.app and do a show info (^i).

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