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Re: [MiNT] Runtime AES application name change?

> The
> application is being found by appl_find( char appName[8] ) function.
> If I really have such a scripting language that I would likely want
> to rename the scripting AES application (lets say e.g. "FBASIC  ") to
> something actually defined by the script being interpreted (e.g.
> "NOTICE  "). If this is possible than we would be able to write
> scripts as GEMScript functionality serving programs.
> Is there any way how to do that? And if not could ve propose some AES
> extension to let it be capable to do that? Would it be a nonharming
> extension?

You can fork the script interpreter, register the child in GEM and give it
any name you want. Using fork() with GEM is difficult for principal reasons,
but it can be done with special libraries. You can also use tfork() (a
combination of Pexec(7) and Pexec(104)), but it wouldn't make it easier.


Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz

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