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Re: [MiNT] Problem with frename()

on 2/27/03 3:26 AM, M.A. Kehr at m.kehr@ndh.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a strange problem with renaming a folder under MiNT.
> Following situation, I have started the unzip.ttp with Pexec(0) from my
> program, when I try to rename the depacked folder, I always get an error
> -33 from frename(). So it seems the folder isnZ?t there after unzip has
> finished. So I have tried the following, (I use some kind of pseudo
> Basic, because IZ?m a GfA coder, hope you understand what I mean.:))
> Pexec(0,unzip.ttp)
> jump:
> if exist(folder_old)
> frename(folder_old, folder_new)
> else
> goto jump
> endif
> When I try this it takes several seconds and then the folder will be
> renamed. So, it looks like the folder isnZ?t there directly after unzip
> has finished, what could be the problem there?
> When I start the program under plain TOS it works fine, without the
> loop.
> All these actions took place on normal TOS partition with NEWFATFS
> enabled.
> Any ideas?

There was a folder renaming bug fixed not too long ago by Frank, check the
CVS change.log.  You will need to build a new kernal.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.q1.net/~atari/