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[MiNT] gcc newbie question


I have gcc installed on my EasyMiNT system. Now I'm trying to learn the
very first basics about C-programming. You know, the "Hello World" kind of
things. I don't have direct plans to become a professional C-programmer,
but it could be useful one day to know at least something about this

A few beginners questions.

1.) My first C-program works, indeed: "Hello World!" :-)
But is it normal that the compiled binary measures about 100Kb in size ?
Seems a bit much for a simple program that does so little ? I have seen a
binary for an Intel based system that was much smaller ?

2.) How would the code look, making use of gemlib, if I wanted to print
"Hello World !" in a standard GEM alert box ? - Just to help my on the
right track towards basic GEM programming.

A little help would be welcome. Who knows what killer apps for FreeMiNT
will be written by this guy in the future ;-)

Martin Tarenskeen
Atari Falcon030/CT2b, MiNT 1.16a, XaAES 0.963, etcetera.