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Re: [MiNT] Shared libs without MMU resources

V Čt, 18. 03. 2004 v 19:54, Janez Valant píše:
> > 1) are you able to run your favourite software with MMU enabled?
> > 2) do you run with MMU enabled all the time?
>   Since u ask: No and No.

The poll should be on a web somewhere so that everybody could click
there. But good to know first No/No answer.

> > I don't think we'd have to convince the gcc maintainers since Frank
> > believes we should stay with GCC 2.95.x forever.
>   One though: If Franks work is such a prob (im GLAD he work on MiNT) why not 
> start own branch of distribution, like Linux has them. U will be able to do 
> whatewer changes u want?

I never said Frank would be a prob. He has been and still is doing a
tremendous job on maintaining FreeMiNT. But recently we've had a
discussion about GCC 3.x in this list and Frank convinced us easily that
upgrading to GCC 3.x would be so much work and pain that it doesn't pay
off. So I thought I'd mention it here so that the GCC patch for
-mbaserel wouldn't look so unreal.