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Re: [MiNT] [Aranym-user] AHDI Problems


On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Henk Robbers wrote:

> > > Loading \AUTO\MINTNP16.PRG ...
> > >
> > > AHDI 3.0 not supported on this system, please update.
> >
> > This warning is printed by running FreeMiNT 1.16, so you don't have to
> > worry - MiNT is loaded.
> Yes, I get the same message. I ignore it because the afros starts up
> and runs fine.
> I do not use easymint, so if you have problems, look from where
> easymint stuff comes into play.

This warning is about the FreeMiNT internals. Some AHDI versions doesn't
support XHDI (are there any at all?) and therefore FreeMiNT falls back to
BIOS HDD access usage of which is not easy for an alternative OS.

> It brings a question to my mind though:
> There is a AHDI 6.0 that is freely available.

Where can we get this?

> Can this version not be used on Aranym?

It should not have anything in common with ARAnyM itself. It just needs to
support IDE as there is no SCSI HDDs in ARAnyM.

BTW: Taking the message literally... "AHDI 3.0 not supported on this
system, please update.". Why FreeMiNT simply dosn't do halt instead of
running further. In present state there should probably be just more
detailed warning of what is wrong instead of saying "unsupported" I guess.

best regards