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Re: [MiNT] Kentry

Frank Naumann napisał(a):

You know there is no block device driver interface yet. If such interface is introduced it will for sure get a sync mechanism.

Could you introduce just a stub so sync would work and I could write a driver that just flushes caches?

You have the wrong idea how it's working. The buffer cache use the XHDI driver. There is no relation to the concrete hardware or another driver.

I think I understand.

What I meant is to create a dummy block device interface that would allow registering a driver, and use it (atm) only in sync. In future we could add add more stuff to it.

If you want to add a specific thing on shutdown go into sys/arch/halt.c and add it to hw_poweroff there the ct60 poweroff is done for example.

Well, yes, but this sounds like a hack for me. Why TT/Milan/Aranym owner would like to have Falcon IDE code in his kernel? I know I can #ifdef that but it is still a hack.

Thus would be nicer if you can work on the block device driver interface instead as this make more sense.

If you mean that you would like me to design block device driver interface, thats ok, but I have no experiecve how such interface should work. I belive I could design a working interface, but it wouldn't be very nice code&design. I'm asking you to do it (or anyone capable) as I consider you much more experienced.

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski