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Re: [MiNT] tt030 memory map


Selon Miro Kropacek <mikro@hysteria.sk>:
> that means by TOS, too, right?


> > Btw. on which page of the Profibuch do you read this?
> >
> page 1015: ...(beim MC68030 konnen diese 256 Byte..32 KByte gross sein,
> im TT-TOS wird die PMMU af 32 KByte-Pages eingestellt)...

Indeed, TOS uses 32 Kbyte pages, and early termination descriptors to get the
smallest MMU tree allowable on TT and Falcon. It's located between $700 and

BTW, you can inspect this with any good debugger, or some assembler to print
current MMU configuration on screen.

Beware, Atari used some nice tricks (early termination descriptors, interleaved
transparent translation registers setup) to get a 256 byte MMU tree. ;) All
this don't work on 040 or 060.