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[MiNT] String Server

I was looking at String Server and it looks like it would be very useful for a
project I'm working on, but I'm curious if it doesn't duplicate some of the
functionality of AV_PROTOCOL?   Or does String Server use AV_PROTOCOL to send
its strings?

It looks to me like String Server would also make a great replacement for most
log file monitors.  Does MiNT support a syslog type of daemon?   If all log
messages were sent to String Server instead of a file, you could easily
determine exactly what you want to do with each string.   Combined with scripts
as the target or various GEM programs, or perhaps RRDTOOL and you can do some
really nice things.

Also, I see mention of DHST and OLGA.  What are these?  and where can I get more
information about them.

Evan Langlois