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Re: [MiNT] Fwd: Re: Floppy problems with Mint

on Wed 11-05-2005 21:50 Peter Slegg wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>As you  may have read I have discovered a few problems
>in the public Freemint 1.16.x versions.
>On the Milan I am not able to format floppy discs and it
>is unable to send e-mails bigger than about 2k in size.
>Both features work fine in 1.15.12 and I can also format
>using TOS.

Hmm, it seems I can't format floppies on the Hades (1.16.3/XaAES).

Format seems to start but at the end I get this:

pid 98 (FORMICUL): block_IO (A): bio_readin: RWABS fail (-2))

I get the same with pumpup.prg

E-Copy return me this:
Laufwerke A wurde von einem anderen Programm gesperrt!
Die Operation wird daher abgebrochen.

I don't have problems with sending big mails.


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