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Re: [MiNT] tt030 memory map

Probably meaned to list..

Xavier Joubert wrote:


Selon Miro Kropacek <mikro@hysteria.sk>:
that means by TOS, too, right?


Btw. on which page of the Profibuch do you read this?

page 1015: ...(beim MC68030 konnen diese 256 Byte..32 KByte gross sein,
im TT-TOS wird die PMMU af 32 KByte-Pages eingestellt)...

Indeed, TOS uses 32 Kbyte pages, and early termination descriptors to get the
smallest MMU tree allowable on TT and Falcon. It's located between $700 and

BTW, you can inspect this with any good debugger, or some assembler to print
current MMU configuration on screen.

I can check just Falcon030 since I don't have a TT :)

Beware, Atari used some nice tricks (early termination descriptors, interleaved
transparent translation registers setup) to get a 256 byte MMU tree. ;) All
this don't work on 040 or 060.

Hmm, so how it is? I have a mmu map of Falcon030, it seems understable, 0xffff0000 -> 0x00ffxxxx, cache inhibit things and so on... so differs TT so much?




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