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[MiNT] OSMD, CT060 cache amd MiNT

Hi all,

I have a Falcon with CT060 and am trying to improve my SpareMiNT installer called OSMD (an obsolete version 0.7 is at http://www.volny.cz/milarb/data/osmdinst.zip). It is simmilar to KGMD, but handles ext2 and RPM.

It is just a MiNT kernel (1.15.12) launched from GEM desktop as and .TOS program from a GEMDOS partition. It then loads modules and mint.cnf. There is a Bash and the installation script set as INIT. All the installation is done through the script.

This works fine without CT060, but 4 MB RAM is not sufficient. With CT060 it behaves strangely. When launching some programmes it shows a dialog "WARNING! This program does not seem to like copyback cache". It is in the text console so I have no mouse so I have to press Return and thus select "Yes 5 S". Then everything works fine until the program is launched again.

The affected program are e. g. tar, ls, mke2fs, ifconfig, ... But they do not behave this way when launched in MiNT booted directly (not from GEM Desktop as a .TOS program). Some ideas?