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Re: [MiNT] some gem question

Selon Miro Kropacek <mikro@hysteria.sk>:

> I'm sorry to bore you with another gem problem I've got but you're my
> last chance :)
> I want to do some sliders in the dialog, i.e. I define "up", "down" and
> slider objects.. there's no problem with moving (using that
> arrows)/resizing the slider but trouble starts if I want to drag that
> slider and move it up and down since whole event loop is blocked when I
> press (for a longer time, let's say >2 seconds) mouse button...
> So I'm not able to catch mouse coordinates and even worse, I'm not able
> to redraw slider in the realtime :( How this could be done? Using MU_M1
> and MU_M2? Sorry If I ask for something really simple but I'm out of ideas..

When you find slider after click on why do you not use graf_mkstate() with
perhaps event_multi(MU_MESSAG|MU_TIMER,....) a simplest way is to use
graf_slidebox() but it's not very multitask friendly.