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[MiNT] feature report

Preliminarily, I seem to have joined a small group of people who have realized that the only way to get a good drive for a TT030 is to buy an IDE drive and bridge card, and cut a clearance hole for the end of the bridge card. For those yet to do this the first time, a bead of glue, GOOP or Super Shoe Goo 2, or European equivalent, on the top of the IDE connector, to keep it from wiggling off, which will kill one expensive bridge card.

I have managed to get MiNT very confused, probably by multitasking programs that never heard of this. When the promp turns from "easymint" to "Amnesiak" I have lost internet functionality, getting connects, but then telnet, ftp, lynx, just halt, until I reinstall MiNT with the easymint installer, which leaves out a number of files I think I need, and is a long project.

The feature I have found is that when I get MiNT confused, the floppy drive and printer port both cease to exist, and it has been a long hard lesson that what to do is reinstall MiNT rather than tear the machine apart and investigate both ports. That accomplishes nothing.

The clue to what is going on comes from a very cold reboot into Single TOS, and find that the floppy and printer are still gone.

Something writes, to NVRAM, a machine configuration not including a floppy drive or a printer. What is that something? It would be so much easier to reload just one file.

This is with 1.15.12, since I need MiNT and single TOS to make Yamaha's last external CD drive and Anodyne's latest software write a CD, but since nobody has reported this particular feature, it is probably not version specific.

Any suggestions will be received with gratitude.

My next project will be seeing if I can get --nodeps to work from a tar file and list. Is this possible?


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