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Re: [MiNT] SV: form_button in XaAES

And thats all, only manage messages, no redraw to manage, non-modal
window etc... This is quite cool and so easy.
I know about this, but atleast when I do this in XaAES I still need the
form_* functions to handle edit fields.
Oh yes? It's supported in MyAES I thought this was the same on other AES (never
test it on other AES!)

AES 4/4.1 and N.AES only supports TOUCHEXIT objects in toolbars. XaAES supports all kind of objects (introduced by Henk Robbers), but doesn't handle editfields. If you want to use edit fields you still need to use form_button and form_keybd. If MyAES doesn't need this it is just great! You must get in touch with Ozk and discuss this with him, as this really should be supported by both current AES'es. It will make it so much easier to write applications. Much easier than that stupid wdialog stuff.

Jo Even
I think it's not a problem for Odd! We need probably think wich flag add in appl_getinfo(), what do you think about this Odd? Perhaps in AES_WINDOW bit 14 or 15 to said TOOLBAR support full dialog box managment as form_do()?

I agree I dislike too wdialog!