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[MiNT] SV: SV: SV: form_button in XaAES

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> Fra: mint-bounce@lists.fishpool.fi
> [mailto:mint-bounce@lists.fishpool.fi]På; vegne av Jo Even Skarstein
> Sendt: 7. september 2007 18:56
> Let's say we offload everything that has to do with editable text
> fields to
> the toolbar handler, but that it needs to be passed keyboard
> events from the
> application. We could introduce a new call (or an extension to an
> existing)
> for this:
>    case EVNT_KEYBD
>       examine the event, do whatever we want.
> 	if there's one or more toolbars attached to the window,
>       pass the event to the AES so it can take care of focus
>       and editing. This must always be done so keyboard navigation
> 	will work with toolbars:
> 	form_toolbar_keybd(window, toolbar, event);
> 	the result of this calls must indicate whether the key was used
>       or not. if it wasn't used, the application may want to use it
>       itself.

I forgot something very important here... If you want keyboard navigation to
work in toolbars, the AES must somehow handle keypresses. But if you have an
editor in the same window, you probably need to use the tab and arrow keys
yourself. Somehow the application must keep track on whether the toolbar has
focus or not, and decide on when to pass keyboard events to the toolbar

Jo Even