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Re: [MiNT] ntpd on mint?

Hi all!

ntpd from Jan was OK. And it works, too :-D

@peter, as you can see below, your attachment went somehow wrong, or maybe I should extract it by myself with a MIME extractor.
However, I assume your attachment was the same as Jan.

Also, I put it in /sbin, but easymint didn't install it there, nor anywhere else.

I set it to connect to a primary nts server in Italy, but I think I will also actually use the suggested mod by Guido, just to avoid useless delays in the case of an offline network or some downtime on the internet connection service.

So, thank you everybody.

PS: I find ntptime paticularly useful also because my recently installed RTC chip likes to lose several seconds in a month. So, thanks TWICE :-)

Il giorno 23/nov/07, alle ore 23:00, Peter Slegg ha scritto:

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On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 20:41:20 , Paolo De Felice <p.defelice@protom- multimedia.com> wrote:

there is the source available.

I am interested in the client, actually, since I happily managed to
set time and timezone and daylight stuff correctly in UTC mode (yeah,
I am proud of it :-)  ), and I just miss the syncing thing.

So, Stan, is there the executable available somewhere?
I wish I could do that bit of tweaking you write about, but
unfortunately I am just not able to do it :-(

Is this what you are looking for ? Mine lives in /sbin
and I think Easymint installed it.



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