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Re: [MiNT] Booting Mint


You can fix this problem just by going into your mint.cnf and changing init from init=/sbin/init to init=/bin/bash

You will have a shell then. The terminal will be a little screwy but you will have the opportunity to edit and a repair a file you might have screwed up. Type "sync" before "reboot", then fix your mint.cnf then boot back into mint again (found this is a good way to prevent fs corruption).


Peter Slegg wrote:
Yesterday I was setting up my system to dual boot Mint 1.15.12
and 1.16 from the newer hard disc in my Milan. Id did something
stupid, I accidentally commented all the lines in ttytab.

Mint boots but does nothing. Is there any way it could be made
to default to a login prompt if ttytab doesn't do something

I also had a similar problem when the path in the symbolic
link wasn't correct. Mint/Xaaes gave an error but no prompt.

It was ok for me, I have a second HD to boot from but otherwise
I would not have any access to the ext2 drive where ttytab is.

I did once hear that someone was working on an etx2 driver for
TOS, did anything come out of that ?