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Re: [MiNT] Probably bad implementation in Pexec()

on 11/6/07 7:37 AM, Olivier Landemarre wrote:

> Hello
> I'm currently looking source code in Mint Pexec (k_exec.c), and for me
> there is a trouble in source code
> in
> exec_region() there is cpushi((void *) b->p_tbase, b->p_tlen);
> That is a good idea except it could be wrong or not enough in some cases.
> The case is AES (XaAES, MyAES, OAESIS and probably NAES) with the load
> of accessory (I think this is a bad implementation of load
> of accessory), they change  b->p_tbase to put there own init code so
> when exec_region is used the cpushi is not on the code of
> accessory but only at is end (XaAES case) or anywhere. The cpushi()
> should probably done after load_region() and  by security I think it
> should stay in exec_region() too.
> But probably the best should not have specific code for accessory, there
> is only mother basepage to fill NULL when exec() an accessory.
> I'm wrong?

Where is it documented that a desk accessory "change b->p_tbase to put there
own init code"?  Far as I can tell an ACC is a standard gemdos binary.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/