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[MiNT] ethernat download speed

hi all,

today I spent quite a time with testing one strange bug which appeared as LAN setup issue but in the end it's something more critical. My problem was yesterday I had to transfer ~200 MB file to my falcon and I noticed it takes a little bit more time than I used to get. After some measurements, it was clear my download speed mystically lowered at hundreds of KB instead of thousands of KB... after numerous tests I'm able to say this:

- latest freemint + old ethernat.xif by nature -- OK
- - // -               + r1.2 from cvs compiled against gcc 2.95 -- OK
- - // -               + latest cvs revision (with alan's patch for hang up) compiled against gcc 2.95 -- BAD
- - // -               + r1.2 from cvs compiled against gcc 4.3.2 + binutils 2.18 -- BAD (!!!) [here I left libkern still compiled with 2.95]

OK = 1.5 MB/s, BAD = 500 KB/s and lower (mostly about 200 KB/s)

I've made some other tests but I'm quite tired to verify them once again. Could you please someone verify this? Maybe it's happening only on my machine (bad luck? ;-) I test it with laptop running ubuntu+proftpd and freemint running commandline client. I always swapped only ethernat.xif, everything other stay.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes