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Re: [MiNT] binutils 2.19 and GCC 4.3.3

Standa Opichal wrote:

Hi, Standa !

Vincent, great stuff! :)

Thank you :-)

> It would be amazing if somebody could create
.rpm/.deb packages for all this so that it would be possible to easily upgrade EasyMiNT or any other e.g. Linux distro without spending time to tediously following the great howtos!

It seems that there is no problem with the native binutils 2.19. I plan to make an offical RPM for it, which may be used as a a direct replacement for the current binutils 2.13.

Things will be more complicated with GCC (testing, libraries...) but it is just a matter of time. I don't plan to work on it soon.

And I agree, I would love to provide Debian/Ubuntu packages as well as Cygwin packages ! However, all the patches and build script are provided, so anyone could build them and make them available to the community. Feel free to do so !

Vincent Rivière

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