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Re: [MiNT] New Freemint CVS Build

Mark Duckworth wrote:
> Got my autobuilder/uploader fixed up.  New freemint kernel build at:
> http://storage.atari-source.org:8000/atari/cvs_builds/

Wow, that's nice !
So now we can test the latest kernel (all variants !) without having to compile it. Automated builds are definitely the right way to do.

1) I guess you didn't install binutils 2.19.1 on your build box, because there are some garbage bytes at the end of the kernel executables. Do you plan to use them soon ?

2) I see that the FreeMiNT kernel executables contain debug information, so they are very big. Is it by design ?

3) mintlib-cmpsrc : Accurding to your readme, I expected to find the file libc.a inside it (and probably a bunch of .o files). But it is not here. Did something went wrong ?

Now some dreams ;-)

1) Automating the rebuild of all SpareMiNT packages in one pass. So when a new version of binutils, GCC, or MiNTLib is out, we can recompile everything with them, and get up-to date binaries with the bugfixes of all libraries. It could be easy, because building a binary RPM from a source RPM is an automated process. I remember you advertised something like this some monthes ago, but it wasn't online...

2) Automating the build of a ready-to-use bundle, including ARAnyM, EmuTOS, SpareMiNT... So everyday, any end user could get everything and test test the new features without having to do complicated configurations...

Dreams, dreams... but nothing impossible here.

Vincent Rivière