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Re: [MiNT] maximum network speed and other (questions)

TXG/MNX wrote:
I setting up my new computerroom with server and switches. PC servers, Atari TT, Falcon030 (3x), Mega ST(E) and some more. The plan is to modify all the machines with an Eifel interface so I can connect them to my KVM switch. For most of them I do have a VGA card like crazydots, the TT and Falcon can be connected without add-on. Only for the ST and older Atari's I gonna use SVIDEO > VGA. The next part is networking because it's really the first time to setup the networking I like to do it right the first time. On the Atari ST/TT line I want to use Mint on some machines with network. What network adapters can be used with the latest Mint Kernel ? What is the best way with the Atari to connect to a server share, SAMBA SMB/CIFS, NFS ? Other ?
Does the Atari support iSCSI ?
Does the Atari support jumbo-frames ?
Does the Atari support VLAN ID ?
What is the maximum network speed 10/100 ? And avarage/maximum thruput upload/download speed possible?
Can a ST/TT030 or Falcon030 (normal speed) handle 100Mb full duplex ?
Gigabit cards anywhere ?
CT63 when I get a CT63 can it handle gigabit ?
Does the Atari support a netwerk printer ?
You don't need to worry about gigabit. No atari exists that can handle the full rate 100mbit (ethernat) yet. With ethernat on my falcon I may get just under 1MByte a second but hardly the 12MBytes/sec possible with 100mbit.

As for jumbo frames, iscsi, and the others, I'm quite certain it's no no no no and no ;)

The atari has been able to support network printers through the lpr/ghostscript stuff though I never tried it.

You can mount samba and nfs shares with the nfs that comes with the mint distribution or samba in sparemint. I've tried it, it works.

As for network adapters, you absolutely want ethernat if it's a ct6X falcon or an ethernec if any other. I've never gotten any other kind to work and I tried the genius romport style as well as the daynalink scsi.