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I just wanted to state that I'm currently working on an improvement of

The goals reached so far are:

- Fileselector: faster, better handling

- do_form-dialogues: better handling

- list-windows: ability to copy line to clipboard (eg. Alerts)

These operations  currently affect the following files:

c_window.c      debug.c         debug.h         draw_obj.c
form.c          k_keybd.c       k_main.c        k_mouse.c
Makefile        Makefile.objs
obtree.c        render_obj.c    RULES           scrlobjc.c
widgets.c       xa_form.c
xa_fsel.c       xa_pdlg.c       xa_types.h      xa_vdi.c

Some are heavily changed, some not at all.

Just to avoid someone is doing the same.