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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds

> >>> So it's a problem with bzip2-1.0.2-1.
> I had recompiled bzip2 some time ago. It even worked on ST with TOS (I
> don't remember if it was this version).
> Try this:
> http://vincent.riviere.free.fr/soft/m68k-atari-mint/archives/unsupported/bzip2-1.0.5-bin-mint-20090605.tar.bz2
Downloaded the archive, tried to decompress on Falcon ( with bzip2-1.0.2-1): IT WORKS without problems!!
I tested some other .bz2 archives from Vincent's site: bzip2 and tar work correct with this archives, too.
As the builds and my own test-archive (created on PC) don't work: On which system (software) are the builds
created? And which system did Vincent use??

> Extract only the bunzip2 program from that archive (on a machine where
> it works, of course) and transfer it to your Falcon.
> You may have to do chmod 755 bunzip2.
> Then run it with ./bunzip2 somefile.bz2.
> We will see if something different happens.
No difference: Same error when decompressing helmut- or alan-build.

@ Paul:

I used different download folders on different partitions (VFAT+ext2) and never
had any problems with any filetype i downloaded- so HD errors or memory errors
can't be the problem.

@ Mark:

> Please install textutils and run md5sum on your downloaded file.  If it
> doesn't match the server, the corruption is introduced during transfer.

"md5sum -b /helmut-13012010.tar.bz2" shows:
"7a7e04332994487603986e17a0fc3365  /h/helmut-13012010.tar.bz2"

But how do i find out if this match the server?