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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds


>> As the builds and my own test-archive (created on PC) don't work: On which
>> system (software) are the builds
>> created? And which system did Vincent use??

> I use the standard bzip2 from Cygwin 1.5 on Windows.

> Other test:
> I have downloaded this:
> http://www.fairlite.demon.co.uk/FreeMiNT/builds/freemint/helmut-13012010.tar.bz2

> $ md5sum -b helmut-13012010.tar.bz2
> 7a7e04332994487603986e17a0fc3365 *helmut-13012010.tar.bz2

Correct- same checksum here:

$ md5sum -b /h/helmut-13012010.tar.bz2
7a7e04332994487603986e17a0fc3365 */h/helmut-13012010.tar.bz2

> The standard bunzip2 1.0.2 from SpareMiNT uncompress it without any problem.

> If it does not work for you, consider checking your drives with fsck or
> similar tools.
> Your problem may come from your disk, RAM, kernel... who knows.

I found out more: When try to COMPRESS helmut-xxx.tar on Falcon (previously
decompressed on PC/ transferred as .tar), bzip2 shows:

" bzip2/libbzip2: internal error number 1007.
Experience suggests that a common cause of i.e. 1007
is unreliable memory or other hardware.  The 1007 assertion
just happens to cross-check the results of huge numbers of
memory reads/writes, and so acts (unintendedly) as a stress
test of your memory system."

One time this occured:

"bzip2: Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst compressing."

Compressing or decompressing of smaller archives (like Vincent's bzip2 or
bash-3.2) works without problems; larger archives (Vincent's coreutils or
the freemint builds) stops with error.

So it seems to be a memory problem (like you suggested).
- Falcon/CT60 runs stable at 100 MHz
- SDRAM 128 MByte/PC-100 64bit unbuffered Infineon
- $free shows "129261568 bytes (126232K) free", TeraDesk shows "Free RAM:
  ST: ~12.5 MB, FastRAM: ~116 MB"
- NEMBENCH.TOS shows no error (and good speed)

How can i test my SDRAM and ST-RAM with MinT (although i never had memory problems before)?
What else can i test?

Thank you all for your help!!