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[MiNT] Svar:Re: HRD's & RSC's

Den 11. jan. 2010 22.09 skrev Paul Wratt <paul.wratt@gmail.com>:
> Theoretically the resource source format could be defined as xml, or
> specifically as html+css style, which would assist in making the
> addition of scripting to HighWire a reality, even if the format were a
> subset

This caught my interest, so I googled a bit. Sounds like the BSDL describes the problem - http://www2002.org/CDROM/alternate/334/
I don't think html+css would really work. You would need custom elements, and the meta tag is just evil. XML + XSL however, could.

> That indicates that HighWire might be a good basis for a resource
> designer, as it already has the basis for an interpreter, and that
> resources in source form could then be previewed in any web browser,
> which in itself would allow a lot more people to design for the
> platform as a whole

This I don't see... However, once a schema has been worked out, there are plenty of tools available to work with XML and XSLT.

> This need not be seen as one huge development, as the individual parts
> are usable by themselves as well as being needed for a cohesive
> development environment

It does not sound trivial either, but maybe someone here has more experience with XSLT (transformation of XML to, in this case, .RSC) and can provide some clues?

Just thinking out loud...