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Re: [MiNT] XaAES Extended Textures patch

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 8:41 AM, Helmut Karlowski
<helmut.karlowski@ish.de> wrote:
> Am 11.01.2010, 19:57 Uhr, schrieb Paul Wratt <paul.wratt@gmail.com>:
> We have decided to place a "patch:" in the subject for patches, so it can
> better be found.
> I would suggest to wait with this until all branches are united. Everything
> has to be tested!
> --
> Helmut Karlowski
you can wait if you want, the only thing missing is your pixel format,
and like I say else where, I dont expect that to be added over night.
If you read the code, and looked at the source, you would see that
there is no need to even test this patch.

As I stated in the post, you may patch against your own branch, as i
have already check both your and Ozk. Every bodies branch is line
compatible with this patch, and in no way does the conflict, interfere
or complicate any one elses work

If by "until all branches are united" I hope you dont mean the
predicted 5 months till the point release, and not for something as
simple as this, something which should have been added bewteen 3-7
years ago?

I also hope that if the answer to that is yes, then you do not cosider
the graphical presentation of your fine modern OS to be affected in
any way by its public exposure at any up and coming display

I will remind you that GEM is Graphical, at that it is easier wait,
particularly in this case is not warrented, simply because it is has
no affect on what anybody else is doing at the moment. Maybe that is
simply because this area is so neglected

I would hate to see what would happen if I was to submit something of
serious worth

The next patch is of equal importance, but of considerably more
interference, in that it will lighten the page length of rend_obj.c by
7.5 Kb at least. That may be considered for an extended wait, if the
resulting comparison dictate that indeed it should, however, since it
too is graphics related I supsect that it too will not interfere,
conflict, or unduely complicate any one elses work