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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds

On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 15:15 +0200, Lars Schmidbauer wrote:
> oh, i forgot the boot-delay option. ST-RAM and FastRAM tests are OK!
> The Atari-diagnostics (CTRL ALT both shift) of ct60 only tests the ST-RAM and SRAM (DSP): OK, too.
> And so i reduced the clock to 66 MHz...and everything works fine now! At 90 MHz the error still occure.
> But i really don't like this solution- can another SDRAM work better (perhaps PC-133)??
> Which SDRAM (and CT60 clock) do you use?

I use 90MHz with PC133 memory. If I push past 90MHz I always run into
trouble. You could try PC133, but there's no guarantee that it would
work any better.

You may not like it, but it just be life for you that your CT60 can't
run 100% stable at 100MHz.