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[MiNT] Other Sparemint Decisions

Hey guys,

We as a community have decisions to make.

1. Sparemint repositories. Are we ok with a strict 68000 repository (m68kmint.rpm), 68020-60 repository (m68020mint.rpm) and a coldfire repository (v4emint.rpm)? 2. I will be tearing through packages and fixing them to build with gcc 4.4.2, incrementing their version numbers, upgrading as necessary, etc. Are we all ok with me taking the lead on this? I don't want to hear later that people don't think I am qualified or that the work can't be trusted. 3. In order to do this effectively we really need gcc 4.4.2, binutils 2.20 and a new mintlib release rpms that can be trusted. Keith is starting to work on this. Keith are you going to follow through with this finally and are people going to test and trust his builds?

If all of these things are answered, I should be able to have much of sparemint built for coldfire in a week or two, and thus we will be able to get easymint running on coldfire boards with no emulated code.