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Re: [MiNT] GCC question

Nw I am puzzled by this:

bash-2.05a# gcc -E newsaes.c ¦grep objc_d

  objc_draw( dlog, obj, 0, screenx, screeny, screenw, screenh );
  objc_draw(dlog, start, MAX_DEPTH, dlog[0].ob_x-3,dlog[0].ob_y-3,dlog[0].ob_width+6,dlog[0].ob_height+6);
   objc_draw( bar, ROOT, 1, clip.g_x, clip.g_y, clip.g_w, clip.g_h );
   objc_draw(dlog,0,10,area.g_x,area.g_y,area.g_w,area.g_h); }
   objc_draw(sd,2,0,area.g_x,area.g_y,area.g_w,area.g_h); }
 rc = objc_draw( tree, 1, 1, mbuff[4], mbuff[5], mbuff[6], mbuff[7] );

The macros are all expanded so why does make produce the error ?
Could it be something wrong with the Makefile I bodged up ?


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