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Re: [MiNT] GCC question


let me understand this problem...

Is it really true that I can't use macros during parameter passing?

like this:

#define MY_MACRO( x ) (x+1)
function( MY_MACRO(1) );

?? Or does the problem only arise when it is used within another macro,
like this:
#define MY_MACRO( x ) (x+1)
#define YEAH( y ) (y + 2 + MY_MACRO( y ))
function( YEAH(1) );

objc_draw is documented as a function - everywhere ( ;) ) - so I guess the
gemlib is also implementing objc_draw as a function.  If not - why not? It
also has an return value! So I'm sure objc_draw is NO macro. If it is
anyway - then I guess: because it is an wrapper around mt_objc_draw().

I can't believe I shouldn't use macros within calls to functions, that
would be annoying! ;)