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[MiNT] MiNT 1.17 warning during starts comp

Dear All,

I have just install MiNT 1.17 (compilation trunk-16112010.tar.bz2) and
duting starts the comp I have this information on the screen 

pid 4 (sh): nfs_root
pid 4 (sh): nfs_root(12) -> ENXIO
pid 4 (sh): Minix-FS (M) m-root error
pid 4 (sh): Minix-FS (M) minix sanity error
pid 4 (sh): Minix-FS (M) invalid Magic in 1
pid 4 (sh): Minix-FS (M) minix sanity leave r=-46
pid 4 (sh): Minix-FS (M) m_root leave -46

This nformation I see on the all partition on this disk (I have partition
from C to N (the L, M and N these are LNX partition

After this comp is runnnig in MiNT, XAAES and Jinnee as a desktop

What do you think about it ?
On the MiNT 1.16.3 I have not this information

Best Regards

Dr Piotr Mietniowski
Department of Electronics
AGH University of Science and Technology
Av. Mickiewicza 30
30-056 Krakow, Poland
Bldg. C1 r. 212 tel. +48 12 617 30 44
e-mail: mietniow@agh.edu.pl