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Re: [MiNT] conholio,was: Re: porting

9 nov 2010 kl. 16.54 skrev Helmut Karlowski:

>> Ouch. The fuller activates the fullscreen mode. This can either be a =
>> VDI-based screen or hardware banging code, depending on settings in the =
>> configuration file and/or depending on the hardware in the machine.
>> It would be great if you could just add some more info:
>> - what machine is it
> aranym-jit,xp
>> - accellerator
> fvdi

Ah. You probably need to direct_access to FALSE in the configuration file.

fVDI w. Eclipse or Aranym doesn't allow this feature. Setting it to FALSE enables the corresponding VDI code. I think.
I don't know how to detect fVDI + natfeats driver.
 - I can't check for fVDI presence, because there is also a VIDEL-compatible mode + fVDI driver which works on Aranym.
 - I can't check for the Aranym cookie, because the cookie doesn't state the current graphics configuration.

Anyway, setting direct_access to FALSE forces suitable behavior for your setup. Hopefully.

Ideas are welcome :)

>> - graphics card
> Hm ...

The natfeat-fVDI thingy could be considered a graphics card, because it behaves differently compared to any other graphics solution (except for the Eclipse, I guess).

> Standard from download I guess.
> First I suspected an XaAES-bug, but then I saw that conholio just doesn't
> call any event any more and can only be killed with Ctrl-Alt-R. No other
> possibility to avoid a reset.

Nope, the reason for this is that fVDI + natfeats doesn't allow direct access to the framebuffer. Ideally I'd like to detect this, but I don't know how atm. I don't want some ugly bus error handler or anything.

I thought I put this in the documentation, but it seems I didn't.  My bad.

-- PeP