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Re: [MiNT] [ctpci-user] CTPCI + MiNT + XAAES

On 11 November 2010 00:36, Piotrek <mietniow@agh.edu.pl> wrote:
>> For TOS, now reboot and have fun!
>> With MiNT/XaAES, now open VIDEOCNF.CPX and doubleclick on the resolution
>> (list entry)
>> that you want to set. An info box appears, enter the modecode that you
> see
>> here (HEX-value,
>> 0x431D for example) in xaaes.cnf, line "video":
>> ---
>> video = 0x431D
>> ---
> If I set as above MiNT running under 800x600x, but I woudl like to work in
> resolution 1024x768x32bit or 1280x1024x32bits

0x431D was just an example. You must set the modecode corresponding to
the resolution you have in TOS. Re-read carefully what is written
above, it's all explained.

Jean-François Lemaire