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Re: [MiNT] Partially working NTP 4.2.6p2 for MiNT.....

Am Mi, 10.11.2010, 16:06 schrieb Keith Scroggins:

> I might make this an RPM later.....  No promises though  :)
> Only reason I use this is because my NVRAM is shot, so I have the Falcon
> query a NTP server on boot to get the time set properly.
> Keith


I also wrote a small tool to get the time from internet for TOS machines
... It was my first tool for the Atari. I'm running the tool as Autostart
prg within Magic, and also with MiNT during bootup. But I disabled the
Alerts for MiNT (because GEM Message Boxes won't show up during boot up...
;) ) - It works OK, altough it doesn't switch automatically between the
Energy saving times... But you can specify an offset within the config.

This tool isn't receiving the time from an UDP NTP service, but from an
TCP TIME Service instead. ( 1. Because NTP is more complicated, 2. Because
UDP can be problematically behind Routers / Firewalls ).

Just wanted to let you know ;)