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[MiNT] Cross Compiler - installing sparemint RPM's to x86 / x64 linux system


I would like to publish this text within the sparemint wiki. If someone
has additions / adjustments, please post it.


Installing RPM Packages for FreeMiNT Cross Compiler

This text is about installing RPM packages for your m68k-mint cross compiler
environment. It is usefully if you wan't to compile packages that depend on
other libraries with the cross-compiler. Surely you could just place the .lib
files into the cross-compiler lib directory, but often a lib packages
several other files ( pkg-config/libtool files comes to mind... ), so it's
a good Idea to install the whole package.

This was tested with Ubuntu 10.04

1. Create Sparemint Root:
    (needed when package installs files to other directories than /usr/,
     but that case isn't supported with the following commands)
	sudo mkdir /opt/sparemint
	cd /opt/sparemint
	sudo ln -s /usr/m68k-atari-mint/ usr

2. Initialize the RPM Database:
	sudo rpm --initdb --root /opt/sparemint

3. Install package, this works as long as there are just files within /usr
   If the package also installs to /etc or something like that, I guess you
   have to add further relocations, or make use of --root argument.
   If your system uses rpm as package management tool, you won't need the
   --force-debian flag.

sudo rpm --dbpath /opt/sparemint/rpm/ --relocate /usr=/opt/sparemint/usr
--nodeps -ivh /tmp/libjpeg-devel-6b-4.m68kmint.rpm --force-debian
--ignorearch --ignoreos

4. query if package installation was successfull:
	rpm -qa --dbpath /opt/sparemint/usr/lib/rpm/