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Re: [MiNT] New RPMS (curl, libjpeg, hermes, libiconv, libfreetype2)

Am Mo, 21.02.2011, 19:52 schrieb Peter Slegg:

> Can someone tell me how to do multi arch libs ? Also I should have built
> the dev lib. libxml2 may be useful for Netsurf too.

Yes, it will be usefull for the coldfire build.
Sparemint offeres an old libxml2:
(It's too old for netsurf - there is one icompatibility)

I have taken the one produced by Patrice Mandin - which also includes
multi arch libs, but it has no srpm/rpm ... :(

It would be more important for Coldfire netsurf to compile multiarch cflib
& multiarch windom. The last has some error with GCC4 (posted to the
windom list recently), but maybe that problem has vanished within the
cvs/svn version?.... Maybe the netsurf libs require more libs, don't know
right now.

Btw. I released alpha version of NetSurf - GEM.

look here: http://monochrom.net