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[MiNT] Networking problems

Hi FreeMiNT guys,

    I have some networking problems with FreeMiNT.

My freemint setup seems stable but networking always crashes the
system after few KB or MB of data transferred, with a message like
"Mint killed, you must reboot..."

I actually use a CT60+CTPCI+Radeon configuration and an Ethernec, with
Freemint 1.17.0 and enec6.xif (I also tried recently with Assemsoft
Driver with same result)

But this problem was already present with previous versions, 1.16.x
and 1.17-CUR, and with different hardware (no CTPCI, using PPP on
serial port).

Anybody has an idea ? Could it be a hardware problem (RAM ? I tried
with different DIMMs) ?

Thanks in advance,