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Re: [MiNT] GCC and Highwire test

I'm working on trying to root this out. Sort of a chicken and egg problem.

I've rebuilt a GCC with the Feb 6 patch (cross compiled) and then on the Falcon, rebuilt Binutils with the Feb 7 patch, and also PML and FDLibM.

Now I am working on rebuilding MintLib with those tools.

After that is completed, I'll install (and hopefully share a tar.gz as well) MiNTLib, and then rebuild Binutils and the libm's again, and then go to work on mpc/gmp/mpfr in what will be, hopefully, an up to date environment.

Once done with that, move those over to my PS3, and then again rebuild GCC.

Of course, the work with the 3 complex math libs could take longer, hard to say. They really tax the Falcon, and then there is the testing.

I started this course on Friday/Saturday, figuring with the changes in gcc/libm/mintlib, there was going to be some issues starting to appear with the 'math stuff.'


On Sun, 13 Feb 2011, Vincent Rivière wrote:

Peter Slegg wrote:
libtool: compile: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -g -O2 -Wall -W -c tif_pixarlog.c -Wp,-MD,.deps/tif_pixarlog.TPlo -o tif_pixarlog.o ../mpfr-3.0.0/const_pi.c:82: MPFR assertion failed: (__builtin_constant_p (1)&& (1) == 0 ? ((S)->_mpfr_exp< ((mpfr_exp_t)((~((~(unsigned long)0)>>1))+3)) ? (((S)->_mpfr_exp == ((mpfr_exp_t)((~((~(unsigned long)0)>>1))+2))) ? mpfr_set_erangeflag () : (void) 0), 0 : ((S)->_mpfr_sign)) : mpfr_cmp_ui_2exp ((S),(1),0))< 0
tif_pixarlog.c: In function 'PixarLogMakeTables':
tif_pixarlog.c:501:5: internal compiler error: Abort

I have no trouble when compiling libtiff using the Cygwin cross-compiler.
There is something wrong with the MiNT binaries, either MPFR or GCC.

Vincent Rivière