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Re: [MiNT] OpenSSL 1.0

This sounds like a problem with the newer OpenSSL. Most *likely* it is related to trying to make it more securing in it's running state on the system.

There is really no need to use 1.0.0 (right now), especiallly with the performance hit you are seeing. Hell, I have no problem with scp/ssh at all, but after I had to rebuild my Falcon, I can not get sshd working, does not matter what I try with the config.... I was more concerned with trying to make sure we 'keep up' otherwise someone might try to build OpenSSL 1.2.x (or whatever) and find out we are missing so much stuff, it will be a nightmare to get working again.

If this were ssh itself, I would say to add a ton of -v's in the cmd line to see what was going on, but I doubt you can do that in NetSurf, next thought would be profiling, but I have never tried that on the Falcon.

I can rebuild (not sure when if you read my other emails) 0.9.8*, no reason both can not be available, although I do not believe they can both be installed without a little heartache, since, at least for the static libs, I think they use the same library names, not the case for shared libs, if I remember correctly.

You are compiling for straight 68000 or 68020-60?

I suppose it could be a library problem with all of the changes going thru the various tools. I guess I should look into getting SSL Lynx rebuilt to see if it suffers the same issues, might be able to profile that. I would guess the same methods, at least similar methods, would be in place between NetSurf and Lynx-SSL.

Any help at all?


On Sun, 13 Feb 2011, m0n0 wrote:


I know that Keith is busy at the moment, but I hope this is not getting lost:

linking Netsurf against OpenSSL 1.0b gives an big speed decrease... it's about 10 times slower than openssl 0.98 ( example: an ssl page loads for 20 seconds with openssl 0.98 - but with openssl 1.0b it takes about 200 sec.)

Maybe this is because OpenSSL uses better encryption? Or maybe it is an error within the library?