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Re: [MiNT] Compiling compatible binaries (was:CF .PRG recognition)

David Gálvez wrote:
What about gcc? I'd like to test a binary compiled for Coldfire V2
(-m5200). Would this binary work in CPUs from 68020 to 060 and

Yes, I think it should work, if you also compile all the libraries with the same option.

But I will not provide such libraries, because I think it is a nonsense to provide binaries optimized for nothing when it is possible to produce 2 binaries each one fully optimized for 68000 or ColdFire.

If I understand it well ColdFire is upwards compatible from V2, and
according to the V2 manual: "Version 2 ColdFire user code
runs unchanged on 68020, 68030, 68040, and 68060 processors". User
code I guess is the code which doesn't use supervisor only

Yes, I think this is right. So software compiled with -mcpu=5200 (similar to the deprecated -m5200) should work with both 68020+ and ColdFire, just like AHCC.

Vincent Rivière