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[MiNT] v_clrwk() doesn't work with fVDI


I found another issue when running with fVDI
(in Aranym AFROS).

Calling v_clrwk() doesn't clear the screen like
it does without fVDI, with all the TOS versions
and also with NVDI (v2.5).

Attached test program demos that and also the previous
v_exit_cur() crash.

Without fVDI:
- it clears screen
- after key press it calls v_exit_cur()
- after another key press it exits.

With fVDI:
- screen isn't cleared i.e. instruction text is printed
  on top of what's on screen
- after pressing the key, the program crashes to bus error.

	- Eero

PS. Next step will be building my EmuTOS VDI testers without
v_exit_cur() call to see whether there are drawing bugs like
EmuTOS had.

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