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Re: [MiNT] XaAES and problem with (older) GEM games


On torstai 06 syyskuu 2012, Jean-François Lemaire wrote:
> On Thursday 06 September 2012 00:33:35 Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > Does the latest XaAES also exhibit the same issues?  Can I get from
> > somewhere latest XaAES drop-in replacement for the AFROS setup?
> Why don't you update FreeMiNT/XaAES? You keep your current version so you
> may fall back to it in case the new version does not run, which I doubt.

According to this:

XaAES comes with MiNT distribution.

Latest freemint release seems to be from the end of 2010:

I tested that release quickly.  Paths and some settings are a bit different
and audiodrv.xdd stop Aranym (latest release) boot at some DMA error.  After 
disabling that and fixing paths, it boots OK.

Dialogs would seem to work much better in that XaAES version.  On quick
testing there were no "dialog borders in middle of dialog" drawing issues
and button clicks mostly worked too.  I'll ask Aranym maintainers to update
the AFROS...

While that XaAES is 2 years newer than AFROS from 2008 (which already seems
to have some freemint 1.17 pre-release), it's still 2.5 years old though.
I'm wondering should I test that version a bit more, or get some CVS

If latter, where the snapshots built from CVS are and which binary snapshot
would be a good one for testing?  (quick browse on the Sparemint wiki didn't
give a link to snapshots)

	- Eero